Forged documents: Pakistan blacklists Chinese firm for a month

Forged documents: Pakistan blacklists Chinese firm for a month

Islamabad: Pakistan’s The National Transm­ission and Despatch Company (NTDC) has blacklisted a Chinese firm and barred it from participating in all tenders/bidding process for a month, media reports said.

Interestingly, Pakistan and China are all-weather allies.

The state-owned subsidiary of the Ministry of Energy (Power Division) blacklisted the firm over allegations of preparing and submitting forged documents to the department concerned during the bidding of a project, Dawn News has learnt.

“[The Chinese firm] is hereby blacklisted and barred from participating in all NTDC bidding/tender process with immediate effect for a period of one month on account of submitting forged and fake documents,” reads a letter issued a couple of days ago from the office of the NTDC general manager.

“However, this office order will have a prospective effect in terms hereof and shall not be applicable on the existing contracts under execution (if any),” the letter, titled ‘Blacklisting of the Chinese Firm/Tender No. NPP-04M (R)-2020 for procurement of insulator hardware assemblies including Pre-RTV-Coated 160kN Disc Insulator (Anti-Fog Type, Porcelain or Glass) for 500kV D/C Quad Bundle Transmission Lines for Power Evacuation from K-2/K-3 Nuclear Power Plants’, reads. –(INDIABLOOMS)

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