Inflation in Pak highest in 70 years under Imran Khan rule: Report

Inflation in Pak highest in 70 years under Imran Khan rule: Report

Under the Imran Khan government, inflation in Pakistan has reached the highest level in the past 70 years, which has led to protests by the opposition parties and the common man, local media reported.

The inflation in the country broke the record of 70 years in the last three years, with food prices doubling, while the prices of ghee, oil, sugar, flour and poultry have reached high levels, reported The News International.

Citing the Federal Bureau of Statistics, it said that from October 2018 to October 2021, electricity rates have increased by 57pc from ₹ 4.06 per unit to at least ₹ 6.38 per unit.

Further, the publication stated that by the first quarter of October, the price of 11.67 kg cylinder of LPG had gone up by 51 per cent from ₹ 1,536 to ₹ 2,322. Similarly, the price of petrol had gone up by 49 per cent in three years. The price of petrol has gone up from ₹ 93.80 per litre to ₹ 138.73 per litre.

The highest surge was recorded in the price of food items such as ghee, oil and others. The price of ghee increased by 108 per cent to ₹ 356 per kg.

The price of sugar increased by 83 per cent in 3 years and the price of sugar sold at ₹ 54 per kg has exceeded ₹ 100. (NDTV)

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