Sufiyana musical evenings enthralls audience during Kashmir ‘Iconic Week’ festival

Sufiyana musical evenings enthralls audience during Kashmir ‘Iconic Week’ festival

The Sufiyana musical evenings enthralled the audience and mesmerized the audience.The purpose of this festival, which is organized by the Department of Tourism in partnership with various organizations, is to boost Kashmir tourism and attract more visitors from around the world, according to Dr. GN Itoo, the Director of Tourism in Kashmir.In various regions of Kashmir, the iconic week festival took place from October 23-29.We are helping tourists and localities understand Sufism by planting a botanical garden here.

Several famous artists will appear here.According to him, the main purpose of this project is to provide a platform for the local youth to showcase their talents, thus boosting tourism.Sinha was also a principal guest at a number of dance and music performances.I have been to Kashmir for the seventh time in my life, according to Manish Shah, a Gujarati tourist.

I enjoy watching Sufiyana musical evenings.I hope that such events are repeated here.I thank all for making this event possible.Tourists and visitors expressed their appreciation to the administration for facilitating such large gatherings with COVID-19 standards and appropriate security.

I am glad to be here.On Monday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who was on a three-day tour to Jammu and Kashmir, held a Houseboat Festival, which was held by the J-Ks tourism department at the famous Dal Lake. (Courtesy ANI)

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