Swisstek Aluminium switches to Green Energy through Mega Roof Solar Project

Swisstek Aluminium switches to Green Energy through Mega Roof Solar Project

Swisstek Aluminium Limited, an aluminium product manufacturer that has grown into an industry mainstay in Sri Lanka over the past 12 years, and caters to both local and international markets, announced its contribution towards the national sustainability drive through the installation of solar power generation facilities at its factory complex. This shift to renewable energy is expected to affect positively on its export share, considering the global shift towards cleaner production methods that is pushing suppliers to source materials from more eco-friendly manufacturers.

A rooftop solar panel array was chosen as the most feasible option owing to the factory’s large area and roof capacity, and thus, a total of 3,340 photovoltaic panels were installed under the Ceylon Electricity Board’s net plus scheme, with Swisstek making a significant investment of over Rs. 156.5 million in the project. This initiative contributes more than 2.1 million Kilowatt hours to the national grid annually, in a sustainable manner.

The rooftop solar array enables the generation of up to 30% of the factory’s power consumption requirement through a renewable source, vastly reducing the carbon footprint generated by Swisstek’s operations.

Swisstek Aluminium further explained that the factory, which handles the powder coating and anodizing treatment processes of extruded aluminium products, was recording heavy levels of energy consumption due to the resource-intensive processes being undertaken. With rising electricity rates and the globally increased demand for corporate sustainability, the management decided to implement renewable power generation facilities, thus bringing down the company’s operating costs as well as its ecological impact.

While the company benefits from the reduced operating costs due to this on-site generation facility, the move towards solar power is also in line with the national goal of producing 70% of the national energy requirement from renewable sources by 2030, while marking Swisstek Aluminium’s products as being ahead of its competitors in yet another aspect, in the form of sustainable production. Further company produces and supplies a wide range of solar brackets and accessories to major solar installation companies and a leading partner.

Commenting on the achievement, Swisstek Aluminium Chief Executive Officer Tharindu Atapattu stated, “At Swisstek Aluminium, our quality promise also comes with a commitment to becoming the most environmentally-friendly manufacturer for aluminium extrusions in Sri Lanka. Completing this renewable energy generation project marks a huge step towards ensuring sustainability, as we have reduced a large portion of our carbon footprint.

“In this way, we aim to continue contributing towards the country’s progress towards its goals of achieving an export-oriented economy, as well as reducing the demand for non-renewable energy, which we hope will set an example for other industries to follow suit. Especially given the current situation, we believe it is up to all of us to do our part in taking Sri Lanka forward.”

Atapattu further noted, “We aim to further increase renewable powder generation capacity to 100% by undertaking similar efforts in the future, thus achieving a carbon-neutral production process through our next phase of development.”

Swisstek Aluminium Ltd., established in 2009, is a subsidiary of Lanka Walltiles PLC which comes under the reputed Vallibel One PLC Group. It has established itself as the leading environmentally-friendly manufacturer of anodised, powder-coated, and mill-finished aluminium extrusions in Sri Lanka, with a reputation for high-quality products, innovation, and commitment to excellence.

The company became the first aluminium manufacturer in Sri Lanka to receive the QUALICOAT – Sea Side Certification for Powder Coated Aluminium, and is also certified under ISO 9001:2015/ISO 14001:2011. Swisstek Aluminum has proved its quality and reliability in many industries such as healthcare, construction, retail, government sector, education, hospitality and Renewable energy etc. representing both the public and private sectors of Sri Lanka, in addition to international clients.

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