Another lockdown not ruled out

Another lockdown not ruled out

By Easwaran Rutnam

The Government has not ruled out another lockdown if the number of people infected with the coronavirus sees a rapid rise, the Health Ministry said.

A highly placed source at the Health Ministry told Daily Mirror last night that if there is a sudden spike in the number of people infected with the virus then a lockdown will be an option.

The source noted that already some countries have gone back to enforcing lockdowns to control the spread of the virus.

Health Ministry sources said that the public and politicians must act with responsibility to prevent another lockdown.

The highly placed source noted that another lockdown will have a serious impact on the daily lives of the public.

The Health Ministry also noted that administering booster shots will increase with more doses of the Pfizer vaccine expected in the country.

According to the source, Sri Lanka has ordered more Pfizer vaccines to be used as the third dose or booster shots.

The source said that a large number of people among the targeted groups are expected to be given the booster shots by the end of this year. (Courtesy Daily Mirror)

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