Basil to travel to New Delhi for discussions with Modi

Basil to travel to New Delhi for discussions with Modi

By Easwaran Rutnam

Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa is to meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for talks in New Delhi.

Foreign Minister, Professor G.L Peiris said that preparations for the meeting are currently being made by Sri Lanka and India.

“The Indian High Commission in Colombo and the Sri Lankan High Commission in New Delhi are finalising details of the visit,” Peiris said.

The Foreign Minister told reporters today that the meeting is scheduled to take place over the next few days.

He said that the Finance Minister will also have talks with other senior Government Ministers and officials in India.

“We have strong relations with India. It is not focused on just one area,” he said.

Peiris said that India has always offered assistance to Sri Lanka when the need arose.

However, he said that the Finance Minister will not look to obtain more loans from India during the visit.

Instead, he said the Finance Minister will seek more investments from India in Sri Lanka and also look to draw more tourists. (Colombo Gazette)

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