Digibrush celebartes 13 years of building successful brands in a digital world

Digibrush celebartes 13 years of building successful brands in a digital world

Digibrush has been trailblazing the Sri Lankan digital space for 13 successful years with high-performing multinational and local brands under the proverbial belt. The agency has been creating winning strategies and new twists to familiar moves of the digital marketing sector.

Accumulating numerous awards over its 13 years, Digibrush has been honoured to receive both local and international awards such as “The Best Banking Website” from DotCOMM Awards, “Best Digital Media Agency – Retail” from SLT 01 Awards, “Best Digital Media Campaign” from SLIM Digis 2.0 and more, whilst bearing a belief that awards are simply by-products of the growth mindset nurtured at Digibrush.

“Digibrush is an “innovation-first” organization. It is essential to create opportunities for keen young creators and thinkers who challenges the norms of the digital world. This approach has assisted Digibrush to evolve from a two-member team run out of a bedroom to an organization of 75+ digital strategists, designers, developers, designers and data scientists sitting out of Sri Lanka and Singapore,” Commented Fazaal Naufer, Co-Founder Digibrush

Digibrush was founded in 2009 and has been challenging the digital marketing world ever since. Over the years, the agency specialized in driving performance campaigns that enabled scalable digital business growth for their clients, community management, E-Commerce and Development services, along with bespoke creative services. Digibrush has partnered with some of the most notable brands in Sri Lanka and around the world, such as Fonterra Singapore, Upfield, Hutch, Crocodile, Emerald, Domino’s etc., substantially elevating a multitude of parameters that promote communication effectiveness and digital business growth

“Our journey thus far has proven to be a success because of the wonderful innovative thinkers, creative visual artists, profound digital strategists working at Digibrush and of course the daring brands that have worked with us over the last decade.  We have now further expanded our global footing with Hiperlogy Singapore. We see immense potential to work in countries with fast pace digital economies and our 13+ years of experience in assisting brands in growing sustainably and profitably in a digital world provides us with the ideal platform.” Commented Hisham Zulfiqar, Co-Founder Digibrush

Hiperlogy Singapore is a next-generation digital management company that focuses on managing digital business engagements for SME’s in Singapore while they focus on doing their core business functions better. Hiperlogy not only manages their brands and communications digitally but also designs, manage and grows their digital business models driving scalable and profitable business growth.

Realizing the shift in the economic structure of the business as we know it, Hiperlogy utilizes its decade-long expertise to steer this unprecedented change in how business is done. Hiperlogy is based in Singapore and has swiftly accumulated brands such as Rajwin & Yong LLP, Turkish Cloth, Hysses, Sound of Flowers, Eight Healer etc.

Digibrush continues to disrupt the foundation of various business models in the post-pandemic era with performance-driven digital marketing, creative & development services, while the partnership with Hiperlogy Singapore is making its mark in the digital world as an exemplary digital business partner that focuses on generating digital-first business models and revenue for brands.

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