Health Ministry issues fresh Covid guidelines

Health Ministry issues fresh Covid guidelines

The Ministry of Health has issued fresh Covid guidelines which will be in effect from 1-15 December.

Accordingly, the public have been advised to avoid unnecessary travel out of the house in order to minimise the risk of the coronavirus from spreading.

Companies have been encouraged to conduct virtual meetings while a maximum of 1/3 of a hall not exceeding 150 participants will be allowed at events.

A maximum of 10 persons will be permitted in a private house but outdoor private gatherings will not be permitted.

Restaurants can also operate with a maximum of 100 guests for dining-in indoors and 150 outdoors.

Weddings can also be held with a maximum of 1/3 of the hall capacity not exceeding 200 guests if indoors and 250 outdoors.

Individual worship is permitted at religious places while special festivals can be held with the approval of the health authorities. (Colombo Gazette)

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