Islamic clerics across globe call for inclusive government in Afghanistan

Islamic clerics across globe call for inclusive government in Afghanistan

Islamic clerics from several countries across the world, including India, held a virtual conference on Sunday, where they called for the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

The participants, from India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Croatia, stressed the need to form a unified position on countering ISIS in Islamic countries, TOLOnews reported.

“Controlling the government by a certain ethnicity and ignoring other ethnicities is impossible. This will cause chaos in Afghanistan because it is obvious that all ethnicities have power and are looking for their rights,” said Ayatullah Syed Yasin, a top Iraqi religious cleric.

The meeting also highlighted the importance of human rights and women’s rights.
The Taliban formed a government in Afghanistan and claim that their government is Islamic but the group should learn from its past and not repeat its mistakes, said Hujatul Islam, a Shia leader in Pakistan.

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai called on the international community to cooperate with Afghanistan on the issue of counter-terrorism.

“If you are really concerned about the security of yourself and the world and remain committed to the pledges on Afghanistan, in such a critical and vital situation and to ensure peace and stability, help the people of Afghanistan,” Karzai was quoted as saying by TOLOnews.

Earlier, the participants of the Moscow conference also urged the Taliban to form an inclusive government. (ANI)

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