Soo Chai : A sip of luxury

Soo Chai : A sip of luxury

Today, tea is a preferred beverage across every single household in Sri Lanka and Ceylon tea is a celebrated beverage all across the world. Soo Chai was born to enhance your ordinary tea experience. Their blend is handcrafted in Sri Lanka with premium Ceylon black tea and 9 special spices blends to transform your tea, intensifying the taste and burst of flavours. They aim to create a healthy habit without deviation from your normal routine. Soo Chai is Co-Founded by Shan Abeywardena and Shanika Sumanadeera.

The blends are made with all-natural ingredients, without artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or additives. Beautifully packaged to perfection in an attractive gold coloured box; since they believe their product deserves the gold standard in all aspects. The top-grade spice mix is sealed in a glass jar and the blend has a  distinctive taste. They are the first Sri Lankan brand to introduce this type of masala tea mix to the market.

“We started our journey of sourcing raw ingredients directly from the plantations into your teapot. The result exceeded all our expectations. The rich flavours of Ceylon high-grown tea accented with the tantalising tastes of Sri Lankan grown spices left us all speechless. We have the best tea and best spices in the world. I just simply combined the two,” Shan commented.

The Founders noticed a gap in the local market for a unique chai option. “Soo Chai is not just a cup of tea. We handpicked the highest quality blend of Ceylon tea and spices to give our unique twist to the masala chai industry. The recipe has been engineered to provide a fragrant, convenient, easy to use, a handy-packed beverage containing maximum fusion, merging of therapeutic spices with a host of curative properties in a delicious and flavourful blend,” he added.

The founders have carefully chosen each spice due to its well-known health benefits. Some of them are – Ceylon tea boosts heart health and is full of antioxidants, cardamom lowers blood pressure, improves breathing and oxygen use, cinnamon has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties relieves digestive discomfort, clove lowers blood sugar, and improves liver health; to name a few.

“Ayurvedic medication has its origins in India, thousands of years ago. It has a general curative effect on illnesses and derives its potency from herbs and roots. This tends to have an unpleasant taste and most instances cumbersome and time-consuming in its preparation and use. Soo Chai’s invention surpasses the above setbacks giving a user-friendly product. Ready in minutes, pleasant tasting and minimum preparation time with the benefits of the widest range of natural curative spices now combined in a single cup,” Shanika explained.

Soo Chai aims to showcase Sri Lankan’s unique taste of the fragrant spicy milk tea. They use premium Ceylon tea strains mixed with a spice blend of ginger, cardamom pods, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, turmeric, cumin, and peppercorns. The process of making an aromatic concussion using Soo Chai is simply three steps. One spoon of this mix is sufficient for preparing a cup of strong tea and makes you feel refreshed in no time.

The blend doesn’t hide the actual tea and the bold spices accentuate the entire experience of sipping a cup of tea. Soo Chai had the opportunity to display their product at the recently held Dubai Expo 2020. They had received tremendous responses from tea drinkers and enthusiasts who taste-tested it. For those who want to a healthier tea, this instant Soo Chai mix is a delicious solution to go for. For more information visit,

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