Gujarat, India proceeds with its first HWPL Peace Education Graduation

Gujarat, India proceeds with its first HWPL Peace Education Graduation

In the midst of HWPL’s Peace Education going on in 303 schools in 53 countries around the world, on December 18th, for the first time, 27 students between seventh and ninth grade from Gogadhani School and Kotda Ugamana Primary School in Gujarat, India, completed HWPL Peace Education.

With the theme “Completion of Peace for which Humanity has been Waiting” for the graduation, the education included investigation of international disputes and civil wars, comparisons of conflicts in daily life within families, schools, and other social spheres as a result of the pandemic, and planning of specific measures to be able to carry out peace.

Gauri Kamerkar, a student who participated in the education, stated, “My life changed through the Peace Education. The first change was me starting every day with positive thoughts and a heart of gratitude. A grateful heart is the magnet that attracts miracles to our lives. The second change was I was able to enhance my thinking skills. It also allowed me to see difficult situations with a positive perspective. Third, the Peace Education gave me the courage to spread the encouraging message that one can become a citizen of peace to my relatives, friends, and neighbors as well.”

Gogadhani School Principal Shailesh said, “HWPL Peace Education’s idea, the dignity of life, is a concept our students must learn and enact in our school. I believe the students who participated in the program will become messengers of peace.”

He also said, “in 2022 Gogadhani School and Kotda Ugamana Primary School plan to have HWPL Peace Education again, and in order to prevent the polarization of education in this age of coronavirus, the schools are planning a campaign called ‘Teaching Goes On’ that emphasizes the close ties between student and teacher”. On January 21st, the ‘Teaching Goes On’ campaign is planned to be carried out jointly at two schools.

HWPL has been conducting peace education with the goal of raising future generations who take initiatives as the leader of peace to resolve global agendas and issues of global security in a peaceful manner and achieve international peace.

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