Political agenda revealed over Easter attacks

Political agenda revealed over Easter attacks

The Archbishop of Colombo, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith says the political motive behind the Easter attack has now become clear.

He says inquiries revealed there was a plan to allow the attacks to take place in 2019 in order to take political advantage ahead of the presidential election held that year.

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith said that the authorities are attempting to suppress the truth over the attacks.

He expressed these views during a mass held at the Basilica of Our Lady of Lanka in Ragama today (January 14) to mark 1,000 days since the deadly attacks.

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith said that several people attempted to hide the truth over the attacks.

The Archbishop said that on one end those who attempted to prevent the attacks from taking place were blocked while information received prior to the attacks were concealed.

“it is clear some leaders wanted to use these attacks to gain political advantage,” he said.

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith further noted that the attacks were part of a conspiracy by some politicians looking to win votes at the 2019 election.

The Cardinal further noted that the conspiracy linked to the attacks was part of attempts to give an advantage to some groups at the election. (Colombo Gazette)

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