President notes importance of green agriculture in Pongal message

President notes importance of green agriculture in Pongal message

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has noted the importance of green agriculture in his Pongal message.

The President noted that Thai Pongal is a special religious and cultural festival of Hindu devotees dedicated to pay homage to the Sun God for safeguarding their agricultural fields and providing a bountiful harvest.

“I am extremely pleased to extend my best wishes to our fellow Hindu brethren who celebrate this festival along with Hindu devotees across the world. It is the belief of the Hindu people that holding the Thai Pongal festival in a traditional and successful manner will bring blessings and protection from the Sun God for an abundant harvest in the future,” he said.

The President went on to note that the rituals performed by the Hindu devotees wishing prosperity have always been ingrained in Sri Lankan society since time immemorial.

He said that all Sri Lankans who inherit a culture based on an agrarian economy look forward to Thai Pongal with great respect.

“We must move towards prosperity by adhering to a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature and based on green agriculture. Therefore, it is the aspiration of the majority of Sri Lankans to see the success of the national policy for a green agriculture. I firmly believe that this Thai Pongal season will provide much inspiration towards achieving this,” the President said.

He also noted that this year too Tamil devotees should have the opportunity to celebrate Thai Pongal in accordance with health guidelines in a way that protects you and your loved ones. (Colombo Gazette)

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