Danu files Police complaint against Puspika

Danu files Police complaint against Puspika

Daily Mirror presenter and host Danu Innasithamby has filed a Police complaint against Mrs. Sri Lanka Pushpika De Silva.

The complaint was filed accusing Pushpika of threatening him over the telephone.

Innasithamby told Colombo Gazette he was threatened over an interview he did with the Vice President of Mrs. World inc. Tana Johnson.

“I filed the complaint with the Mirihana Police as she verbally threatened me,” he said.

In the interview Tana Johnson had denied a number of claims made by Pushpika De Silva with regards to the finals of the Mrs. World pageant.

Pushpika De Silva suspected former Mrs. World Rosy Senanayake cost her the Mrs. World crown.

In an interview with a YouTube channel this week, Pushpika De Silva claimed that the Mrs. World crown should be hers.

Mrs. America won the Mrs. World crown recently while Sri Lanka’s Pushpika De Silva was among the top six contestants.

The finals of the Mrs. World 2022 took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mrs America Shaylyn Ford was crowned the winner while Mrs. Jordan and Mrs. UAE were the runners up.

However, Pushpika De Silva said that some of the judges had told her that they voted for her.

She suspects Rosy Senanayake, who also attended the finals in Las Vegas, influenced the organisers to change the decision and cost her the crown.

In a Facebook post earlier Pushpika De Silva said that she was placed 4th in the final.

However, Tana Johnson said that there was no placement given other than for the winner and runners up. (Colombo Gazette)

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