India emerged as winner in COVID management, showcased rise of human spirit: AIIMS expert

India emerged as winner in COVID management, showcased rise of human spirit: AIIMS expert

Highlighting the nation’s fight against COVID and efforts to become self-reliant in vaccination, Dr Padma Srivastava, Head, Department of Neurology and Neurosciences Centre, AIIMS on Wednesday said India has emerged as a winner in COVID management and showcased the rise of the human spirit.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Wednesday organized a live online session on the topic “Importance of Vaccination and COVID management” with Dr Padma Srivastava.

The issues related to COVID management, vaccination, long-term symptoms and effects were also discussed during the session. Various queries of the participants were also addressed during the session.

Speaking about the current COVID situation in the country, Dr Srivastava said, “I feel so proud that I belong to a Nation that has been integrally a front runner in COVID management. Our country has showcased so much positivity and has emerged as a winner. I believe that COVID continues to teach us a lot of things, but most importantly, it also showcases the rise of the human spirit.”Dr Srivastava urged unvaccinated people to get vaccinated at the earliest. She stressed that people should continue following the COVID appropriate behaviour. “Vaccinating ourselves is an important part of safeguarding our country, our nation and our citizens,” she stated. She said an important stone in the trajectory of India’s vaccination success is that the country became self-reliant.

“With the trust which has been given by the Government of India at the right time, we became self-reliant because we have in-house vaccines. No one else in the developing world did that. It is just India. We have our own vaccines. We did not depend on other countries to provide it to us. We are also providing vaccines across the borders. The one nation strategy of vaccine administration, availability of free vaccines and development of Co-win platform are the main pillars of India’s successful vaccination campaign,” added Dr Srivastava. (ANI)

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