Maldives police team in Sri Lanka to probe death

Maldives police team in Sri Lanka to probe death

A Maldives Police team is in Sri Lanka to investigate the death of a Maldivian youth, RaajjeMV reported.

Maldives Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameed said that the Maldives Police Service (MPS) is involved in the investigation into the death of the Maldivian youth who was reported missing in Sri Lanka on Friday.

Afham Naseer, 23 and native to Meedhoo island in Dhaalu atoll, was found dead on Saturday. He was reported missing on Friday, while he was residing in Sri Lanka. A search party was launched the same day.

The Police commissioner revealed that the Maldivian police is also active in the investigation, via a Twitter post. As such, a team comprising of a senior police officer and a crime investigation command investigator had departed to Colombo on Monday.

According to Sri Lankan media outlets, two dead bodies were discovered near the Dehiwala Beach region. One of them was identified as Afham Naseer. His family has since confirmed that the body discovered near Dehiwala beach was Afham’s. However, the family remains in the dark regarding investigations and further details of his death.

Further, media reported that multiple injuries were spotted on the bodies.

The Maldivian police institution confirmed to RaajjeMV that the death of a Maldivian in Sri Lanka was been brought to their attention. The police institution is currently cooperating with relevant institutions in connection to the case, revealed the police media official.

A video of the incident currently circulating on social media show two bodies in the region where Sri Lankan police officers are seen active. It has been reported that a distance of about 300 meters were estimated between the bodies. A knife was also uncovered in the region the second body was discovered. The video also shows both bodies wounded.

When questioned regarding the incident, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told RaajjeMV that discussions are currently underway with the relevant authorities in Sri Lanka and that the local police of both countries are currently cooperating in connection to the death.

Afham moved to Sri Lanka in 2019 to pursue higher education in Business Management. (RaajjeMV / Colombo Gazette)

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