New directives issued for importers, store-owners

New directives issued for importers, store-owners

New directives have been issued for importers, store-owners and others by the Consumer Affairs Authority.

Acting under the powers vested in it by Section 10(1)(a) of the Consumer Affairs Authority Act, No. 09 of 2003, the Consumer Affairs Authority has issued new directives to all Importers, Producers, Manufacturers, Store-owners, Distributors, Packers, Online Traders and Traders.

Those not following the directives cannot Import, Produce, Manufacture, Store, Distribute, Pack, Repack, sell or display for sale, expose for sale or offer for sale any item unless the required details are legibly printed or non removable labeled in a conspicuous place of the pack, wrapper or container of the end product of the commercial goods purchased by the consumer at the retail price.

The required details include:
1. Maximum Retail Price
2. Weight or volume
3. Date of Manufacture and Date of packing if re-packing
4. Date of Expiry/Best before use/Active period (except for the goods which does not expire)
5. Batch/Code Number
6. Name, Registered address and Contact Number of Manufacturer,
7. If it is imported name of the Country, Name, Address, Contact number/web-site of issuer or importer

This directive comes into effect from 28th July, 2022. (Colombo Gazette)

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