Transco Cargo Sri Lanka celebrates outstanding first financial year with over LKR 1 billion in revenue

Transco Cargo Sri Lanka celebrates outstanding first financial year with over LKR 1 billion in revenue

Transco Cargo (Pvt) Ltd, the Sri Lankan office of Transco Cargo Australia (Pty) Ltd, a leading freight forwarding and logistics service provider in Australia, has recorded a remarkable first year financial performance by achieving over LKR 1 billion in revenue for the 12 month period ending 31st March 2022. To celebrate this ground-breaking financial achievement as well as the completion of 1 year of operations in Sri Lanka, Transco Cargo held a 1st Anniversary celebration at the Royal Colombo Golf Club.

Today (16th August) is National Logistics Day, as declared by the Government of Sri Lanka. It has been marked to create greater awareness on the importance of efficient and secure logistics in a country. Logistics plays an important role in the efficient running of a nation as without the tried and tested systems and processes brought about through logistics, the country would be faced with major issues such as the rising commodity prices which would lead to an inability to control the cost of living and a burden on the population. As a total logistics solutions provider, Transco Cargo has played its part in this national endeavour by ensuring that its clientele has been able to carry out imports and exports with minimum hassle.

During the year, Transco Cargo was faced with a challenging economic landscape that included multiple lockdowns, slow down in the economy, political uncertainty, HS code suspensions and limitations which have been imposed by the government, all of which led to a significant decline in the Freight Forwarding industry in Sri Lanka. However, under the visionary leadership of the Director’s Dr.Charitha Perera and Mr.Shanaka Dias, the company was able to overcome the numerous hurdles and transformed those into opportunities where possible by identifying new market trends and strategically allocating the limited resources at the right time for the right initiative.

Additionally, Transco Cargo is seeing strong growth in its dollar revenues, as more Sri Lankan expatriates have started using the platform to deliver their finished goods, fresh produce, and raw materials to their overseas consignees. This is a positive sign for both the company and the country as increased foreign exchange inflows are an important part of Sri Lanka’s road to economic recovery.

Transco Cargo Australia (Pty) Ltd is a well-established company, which is primarily focused on providing total logistics solutions for thousands of companies and as well individuals both locally within Australia and internationally. With three decades of experience and expertise in the domain, it expanded its business to Sri Lanka in 2021 by setting up Transco Cargo (Pvt) Ltd. Transco Cargo’s Sri Lanka operations are driven by a young and dynamic team that has extensive knowledge and experience in the freight forwarding industry. Having started with a small team of less than 10 individuals, the company has grown within the first year and now employs over staff of 30 team members operating out of a state-of-the-art head office in Colombo.

Transco Cargo Sri Lanka caters to over 500 prestigious clients by being their most reliable and trustworthy logistics solution provider. The company’s unparalleled agent network exceeding 10,000 agents strategically located in every major city around the globe has helped to make its services more efficient and effective. It offers the most favourable rates and routing options to meet the needs and requirements of importers and exporters in Sri Lanka backed by its wide network of reliable overseas agents, shipping lines and airlines. From the moment in which a shipment order has been placed, the company’s professional and highly-experienced team works diligently to fast-track the processes and monitor the progress from the supplier’s doorstep to the final point of delivery.

Looking ahead, Transco Cargo is making plans to further enhance its services to a level experienced by clients in highly-developed countries. The company is also seeking to increase the number of employees to 50 during the current financial year.

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