HIPG celebrates 150th Anniversary of CMG

HIPG celebrates 150th Anniversary of CMG

The Hambantota International Port Group (HIPG) marked the 150th anniversary of China Merchants Group, the parent company of their global partner CMPort with the launch of a unique event this year.   The ‘RORO Drivers Technical Skills’ competition to mark the milestone anniversary, was held for drivers of Hambantota Logistics (Pvt) Limited (HLPL), Service Provider for Hambantota International Port (HIP).

The China Merchants Group (CMG), is the first joint-stock company in modern China, establishing the country’s first merchant fleet, the first bank and the first insurance company.  CMG pioneered China’s modern national shipping industry, and was the force behind the development of many other current industries. An integrated enterprise with diversified businesses, CMG is a world-leading port investor, developer and operator, who has established a relatively comprehensive port network in China and across the globe.  The Group’s investments and management rights include terminals in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian, Yingkou, Zhangzhou, Zhanjiang, Shantou and other container hub ports, successfully laid out in Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, North America, South America and Oceania. By 2021, CMG’s port segment achieved a total container throughput of 134 million TEUs and a bulk cargo throughput of 880 million tons, making it the world’s largest in terms of total cargo throughput and equity throughput.

Johnson Liu, CEO of HIPG and Representative of CMG addressing the event held adjacent to the port’s Customs Bay said, “China Merchants, headquartered in Hong Kong and founded in 1872, is the parent company and founder of our partner CMPort whose global expertise we bring to Hambantota International Port (HIP).  Operating as a transshipment hub for RO-RO, HIP has continued its steady growth over the past years.  We have to date handled more than 1.8 million RORO cargo. The RORO business is important to HIP and that is why we organized this dedicated “RORO Technical Skills Competition for HLPL Employees” to coincide with the anniversary celebrations of our parent company.  The skill of the driver not only reflects the efficiency of our operation, but also the safety level of the service we offer.  Therefore, it is important that we take these skills seriously and recognise them as part of the brand HIP.”

HLPL which handles general port operations, RORO cargo discharging, loading, shifting, receiving and delivery for Hambantota International Port (HIP) has 391 employees including drivers, lashers and mooring crew.  On an average, 87 RORO drivers operate each shift at the port. The competition was organised to give these drivers the opportunity to display their skills and encourage them to continue to maintain the high levels of efficiency, safety and accuracy in driving vehicles on and off board during the transshipment process.

A total of 10 drivers, based on their skills, job scopes, and experience, were selected to participate in the competition.  The job scopes of participants were parkers, break out drivers, and ferry drivers.  The competition events were forward drive -“8” shape, reverse drive -“S” shape, left & right reverse parking and hill drive.  Strict rules were followed by participants including maintaining set speed limits, adhering to guidelines set by the referee and wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).  The judges evaluating criteria were based on skills displayed in drive control, speed maintenance, lane alignment, clutch balance, gear changing and orderly parking.  Six winners emerged from the competition, the 1st and 2nd runners up and the overall winner received cash prices from HIP.

The competition concluded with the awards ceremony, where the ‘2022 RORO Master Cup’ was handed to the winner by CEO Johnson Liu.  The 1st and 2nd runners up also received their awards from the CEO.

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