Malsha files Police complaint over drugs allegations

Malsha files Police complaint over drugs allegations

Malsha Kumaranatunge, daughter of actor turned politician Jeevan Kumaranatunge has filed a Police complaint over claims that she was arrested with drugs.

In a Facebook post she denied reports that she had been arrested with drugs found in her vehicle.

“I vehemently and strongly deny baseless allegations circulating on social media that I was arrested in Boralasgamuwa for carrying drugs in my vehicle. I am unaware for the grounds for spreading such a malicious lie but I am conscious that being a former politician exposes me to attacks of this nature.The Police has denied to the media that any such arrest or action was taken against me,” she said.

Malsha Kumaranatunge said that she filed a complaint with the Police against the individual who initially shared the harmful lie on social media.

“Allegations such as this are deeply hurtful and cause irreparable damage to people,” she said.

She also requested the media to stop further sensationalising WhatsApp forwards and gossip.

“I have great respect for journalists and the difficult work they do. However, creating a hurtful news story out of a lie only damages the reputation of this noble profession and harms the credibility of media institutions that continue to sensationalise it,” she said. (Colombo Gazette)

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