President confident on debt restructuring talks

President confident on debt restructuring talks

President Ranil Wickremesinghe has expressed confidence in the debt restructuring talks following meetings held with China, India and Japan. 

The President said that he had recently discussed Sri Lanka’s debt restructuring with the Chinese Finance Minister and he was optimistic that discussions in this regard would be concluded successfully.

The President also said that a Sri Lanka delegation currently in Washington held initial discussions yesterday (15) with the International Monetary Fund and the three main countries, China, India and Japan, that have given loans to Sri Lanka.

He said that the Government is giving priority to address the bankruptcy issue and to ensure food security.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe made these remarks following an observation tour of the cultivated lands in the Rathumada-Weerakandawala area in the Siyambalanduwa Divisional Secretariat this morning (16).

The President also discussed the progress of the implementation of the food security program in the Monaragala District.

He also recalled the statements made by some people that they would come forward and shed blood and said that one should live before shedding blood.

The President mentioned that if a proper program is not implemented to provide food to the people, they will not have to shed blood but will starve to death.

The President also stressed that politics should be discussed only in Parliament and that everyone should unite to fulfil the needs of the people.

While visiting the cultivated lands in Rathumada-Weerakandawala area in Siyambalanduwa Divisional Secretariat, the President also engaged in open discussions with the farmers.

The farmers had the opportunity to discuss the issues they were facing directly with the President and he was also informed by the farmers about the lack of fertilizer, insecticides and pesticides as well as land problems, water problems and the threat of wild elephants in the area.

The President immediately called the relevant officials to the agriculture lands and directed them to take steps to provide immediate solutions to the problems faced by these farmers. (Colombo Gazette)

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