Japan to provide security footage related to death of Sri Lankan

Japan to provide security footage related to death of Sri Lankan

The Japanese Government has informed the Nagoya District Court that it will submit security camera footage as evidence in a lawsuit over the death of a Sri Lankan woman at an immigration facility in Japan, a legal representative of her bereaved family revealed.

Wishma Sandamali died at the Nagoya Regional Immigration Services Bureau in March 2021 at age 33.

The video to be submitted is approximately five hours of footage that was disclosed to the bereaved family during procedures to preserve evidence prior to the oral arguments. The family have demanded that the entire roughly 295 hours of data be disclosed, pointing out that “there is a high possibility that the data may contain parts not written in reports by the immigration authorities.”

At the third oral argument in September, the district court’s Presiding Judge Shin Sano requested that the government submit a portion of the footage, and Nov. 14 was the deadline for the government to respond to the request.

In response to the government’s filing of a written statement regarding the video submission, Shoichi Ibusuki, a lawyer representing the bereaved family, commented, “We appreciate the fact that the government agreed to submit the footage, but why is it taking so long for it to do so? In order to clarify the truth, the entire 295 hours of footage must be submitted. I hope the government will consider this as soon as possible.”

In another lawsuit over a Cameroonian man who died at age 43 while in detention at the Higashi-Nihon Immigration Center in the Ibaraki Prefecture city of Ushiku in 2014, the plaintiffs obtained surveillance footage showing the man suffering and submitted it as evidence. In a ruling handed down this past September, the Mito District Court ordered the Japanese government to pay compensation. (Nagoya News Center)

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