Ashu goes to CID over alleged bestiality video

Ashu goes to CID over alleged bestiality video

Former Presidential Advisor, Professor Ashu Marasinghe, filed a complaint with the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) today over the alleged bestiality video made public by his ex-lover.

In the complaint, Marasinghe claimed the video was doctored and was used as an act of revenge on him.

Attorney Pravi Karunaratne, who appeared before the CID with Marasinghe today, alleged that the video was released following a dispute which arose between Marasinghe and a woman in a company in which both are Directors.

The lawyer alleged that the woman had demanded a large sum of money from Marasinghe over the dispute.

The woman, Adarshaa Karadana, had claimed yesterday that she secretly videoed Marasinghe sexually abusing her pet dog in their room after becoming suspicious over the dog’s behaviour.

Karadana said that she had been living with Marasinghe for a coupe of years.

She alleged that she eventually decided to leave him after she found out he was abusing her dog.

Karadana insisted that while she had no intention on making her personal life public, she wanted justice for her dog.

Professor Ashu Marasinghe resigned from his post as Presidential Advisor on Parliamentary Affairs yesterday.

Karadana was often seen with Marasinghe at Galle Face during the ‘Aragalaya’ protests. (Colombo Gazette)

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