Sri Lanka to maintain non-aligned foreign policy

Sri Lanka to maintain non-aligned foreign policy

President Ranil Wickremesinghe says Sri Lanka should adopt a non-aligned foreign policy in dealing with the international community, as an island nation.

The President also pointed out that Sri Lanka can be elevated to a higher level in the international sphere by adopting a non-aligned foreign policy rather than supporting or being dependent on any powerful country or group of countries.

“As a country, we are not aligned or in any agreement with the world powers as we are an island nation. We should be friendly with all countries,” he said.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe made these observations this morning (17) while taking part in the 97th Passing out Parade of the cadet officers of the Diyatalawa Military Academy.

“You are entrusted with the responsibility to protect this country and you have the capacity to protect the country from internal as well as external influences. The Army which you enroll into has war experiences including international warfare experiences since they are together with the UN Forces taking part in the operations in the state of Mali,” the President said.

Three hundred and fifty-one (351) cadet officers who completed their training at the Diyatalawa Military Academy were commissioned at the passing out ceremony.

It was a significant occasion where cadet officers from four foreign countries who received their training at the Diyatalawa Military Academy were also among those who were commissioned.

The Commander-in-Chief, President Ranil Wickremesinghe, who arrived at the Military Academy, was received amidst customary military pomp and pageantry.

The day’s events commenced with the President laying floral tributes at the war heroes’ memorial at the Diyatalawa Military Academy.

After the inspection of the parade, President Ranil Wickremesinghe presented the championship flag to the best cadet team and swords to the cadet officers. (Colombo Gazette)

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