Ranil holds talks with GTF which Gota banned

Ranil holds talks with GTF which Gota banned

President Ranil Wickremesinghe had a rare discussion with the Global Tamil Forum (GTF), a diaspora organization which was earlier banned in Sri Lanka by former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

GTF spokesman Suren Surendiran and a group of monks met the President and presented the Joint Himalayan Declaration.

Surendiran told Colombo Gazette that they also met the Chief Prelates in Kandy.

The President’s office said that Wickremesinghe engaged in discussions with a diverse delegation representing the Global Tamil Forum and esteemed Buddhist monks.

The Joint Himalayan Declaration, a collaborative effort between the Global Tamil Forum and the Buddhist delegation, advocates for a pluralistic Sri Lanka that actively promotes the well-being of all its communities. Emphasizing the importance of learning from the nation’s historical missteps, the declaration underscores the necessity for implementing measures that ensure accountability.

The joint delegation comprised esteemed Buddhist monks, including Ven. Dr. Madampagama Assaji Tissa Thero, Anu Nayaka of Ambagahapitiya Chapter, Amarapura Nikya, Ven. Siyambalagaswewa Wimalasara Thero, Chief Sanganayaka of Northern & Eastern Provinces, Malwatta Chapter of Siam Nikaya, Ven. Kithalagama Hemasara Nayaka Thero, General Secretary, Siri Dharmarakshitha Chapter, and Chief Sanga Nayaka of Western Province, Ven. Prof. Pallekande Rathnasara Thero, Acting Mahanayaka of Vajirawansa Chapter of Amarapura Nikaya, Ven. Kalupahana Piyaratana Thero, Former Member of SL Human Rights Council 2023, Chairperson of Human Development Edification Centre, Ven. Narampanawe Dhammaloka Thero, Chief Sanganayaka of Pathathumbara of Central Province, Asgiriya Chapter of Siam Nikaya and Ven. Wadduwe Dhammawansa Thero, Deputy General Secretary, Ramagngna Nikaya.

Additionally, the delegation included international representatives Suren Surendiran – (UK), Dr. Kannappar Mukunthan (Australia), Bhavan Bhavaguhan (UK), Prakash Rajasundram (Australia), Velupillai Kuhanendran (UK), Raj Thavaratnasingham (Canada) and Dr. Elias Joseph Jeyarajah (USA).

The handover of the Joint Himalayan Declaration marks a significant step towards fostering dialogue and collaboration for a harmonious and inclusive Sri Lanka, the President’s office said.

The President expressed his appreciation for the initiative and committed to considering the recommendations outlined in the declaration. The diplomatic discourse sets the stage for continued efforts towards national reconciliation and progress. (Colombo Gazette)

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