Roux becomes first foreign cricket coach to be father in Sri Lanka

Roux becomes first foreign cricket coach to be father in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s fielding coach, Anton Roux, is the first coach of the national cricket team, whose wife has given birth to a child in Sri Lanka.

Highly-placed sources close to him say his wife, Willemijn de Bruin, gave birth to a baby boy on January 9 (Time :15.10) at Joseph Fraser hospital in Colombo.

“The baby boy, 54 cm in height and weighing 4.04 kg, is fine with his mother,” the source confirmed.

“This is Roux’s second child.  He became the father of a baby boy three years ago.

The family has kept the name of the second son as Aiden Max Seren Roux.

Seren after Serendip (old persian name for Sri Lanka) and the couple’s doula (a trained professional, who gives expert guidance on child birth) is Sri Lankan and her name is Serena. Seren is the third name of the son, named after Serendip (serendip is what the old persians used to call Sri Lanka).

Their doula’s name is Serena, so the third name is also in honour of her, we are told.

“Roux’s wife is Dutch. The couple is unaware whether their newly born son would get a Sri Lankan passport. The parents have not yet registered the name of the son with the authorities, but they would be happy to have two passports for the kid, “the source adds.

Roux was born in New York City to South African parents. He moved back to South Africa, aged five, playing both underage representative cricket and football.

In the 2005 and 2006 Dutch seasons, Roux served as playing coach of the Amstelveen-based Amsterdamsche Cricket Club (ACC).

Roux, who left the ODI series mid-way to be with his wife to enjoy fatherhood, has rejoined the national side for the T-20s. (Deccan Chronicle)

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