Sri Lanka tells Israel it backs establishment of a Palestinian State

Sri Lanka tells Israel it backs establishment of a Palestinian State

Sri Lanka told Israel it backs the establishment of a Palestinian State but also wants to ensure Israel’s security.

Israel’s Minister of Transport and Road Safety, Brig. Gen. Miri Regev, met President Ranil Wickremesinghe in Colombo.

The meeting delved into crucial matters concerning the safe return of Israeli hostages, with President Wickremesinghe affirming Sri Lanka’s unwavering commitment to advocating for their safety.

Furthermore, amidst the ongoing hostilities in Gaza, the President called for an immediate cessation of violence, underscoring the paramount importance of peace and stability in the region.

“Highlighting Sri Lanka’s stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, President Wickremesinghe reiterated the nation’s support for the establishment of a Palestinian State. He also emphasized the significance of ensuring Israel’s security, fostering a balanced approach to regional peace,” the President’s media division said.

Accompanying the President were Chief-of-Staff Sagala Ratnayaka, Secretary to the President Saman Ekanayake, and Director of International Affairs Dinouk Colombage.

The President’s media unit said the meeting signifies a continued effort by Sri Lanka to engage diplomatically on pressing international issues, reflecting the country’s commitment to fostering peace and stability on the global stage. (Colombo Gazette)

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