Taiwan working to fight Chinese cognitive warfare

Taiwan working to fight Chinese cognitive warfare

Taiwan is working to fight Chinese cognitive warfare like social media and other platforms to spread disinformation and cause social unrest.

The Ministry of National Defense on Saturday said that it is combating Chinese Communist Party (CCP) cognitive warfare efforts against Taiwan, reported Taipei Times.

The ministry said it has submitted guidelines to the Legislative Yuan to define cognitive warfare efforts by foreign powers and outline the military’s actions to combat it.

The CCP engages in cognitive warfare with Taiwan through propaganda, fake social media accounts, content farms and Taiwanese collaborators, it said, reported Taipei Times.

The military traces misinformation shared through social media in Taiwan and posts corrected information on its social media accounts and websites. The ministry added that it also posts the corrected information in replies to public posts where possible.

Meanwhile, a defence researcher on Saturday said that the military must continue to improve its asymmetric combat and electronic warfare capabilities to meet the threat of a Chinese invasion attempt.

Courtesy: ANI

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