Australia PM Scott Morrison calls for polls on 21 May

Australia PM Scott Morrison calls for polls on 21 May

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called a federal election for 21 May.

Mr Morrison’s ruling coalition holds 76 seats in the House of Representatives – the minimum needed to retain power.

Polls suggest there will be a change of government, with the opposition Labor party, led by Anthony Albanese, tipped to take office.

However, in the last election, Scott Morrison defied predictions by remaining as prime minister.

Mr Morrison announced the date after talks with the Governor General in the capital, Canberra.

He is the first prime minister to serve a full term in office since fellow Liberal John Howard, who won four elections before losing to Labor’s Kevin Rudd in 2007.

Since then, what observers call the coup culture of Australian politics has led to a series of short-lived premierships.

Mr Morrison’s Liberal-led coalition is defending a one-seat majority. Even though it has won seven of the past nine federal elections, it may be hard-pressed to do so again, say political analysts. (Courtesy BBC)

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