Sri Lanka seeks details from India on claims LTTE planning attack

Sri Lanka seeks details from India on claims LTTE planning attack

Sri Lanka has sought details from Indian intelligence agencies over Indian media reports that the LTTE is planning an attack in Sri Lanka on 18th May.

The Ministry of Defence said that The Hindu newspaper in India had published a report on 13 May 2022 quoting Indian intelligence that the LTTE is planning to launch an attack in Sri Lanka on May 18.

“After inquiring about the above information, the Indian intelligence services have informed Sri Lanka that the information has been given as general information and further informed that the investigations will be carried out in this regard and action will be taken to inform Sri Lanka about it,” the Defence Ministry said.

The Hindu had reported that intelligence agencies have warned of erstwhile cadre of the banned Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) regrouping to launch attacks in Sri Lanka, as the country is embroiled in a deep economic and political crisis.

The Sri Lanka Defence Ministry said that the information and all other information received by the intelligence and security forces in connection with national security will be duly investigated and all further steps will be taken to strengthen security while informing the respective security forces on the same. (Colombo Gazette)

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