Legendary Skinsmen joins Sri Lanka’s premier heavy metal band Stigmata

Legendary Skinsmen joins Sri Lanka’s premier heavy metal band Stigmata

Stigmata have unveiled their new drummer — and it’s a familiar face. Early May the band announced that they were auditioning new skinsmen due to their then drummer leaving the band to pursue work overseas.

However, they did not immediately announce a replacement percussionist and with gigs galore lined up for the year there was a ton of speculation about who the Metal titans might enlist.

On May 29th, through an announcement on their social media pages, Stigmata have revealed that legendary skinsman Harshan Gallage is joining the band as their latest member.

One of the founding members of Thriloka, Harshan is a contributor to countless other artists and performers such as Indrachapa Liyanage, Kasun Kalhara, Alien Accent and Paranoid Earthling. Gallage is known far and wide amongst the music spheres and is considered a beast on the throne. Combine that with Stigmata’s impressive 22 year legacy and penchant for stunning originality and stellar musicianship and this is a musical marriage that was simply waiting to happen.

His experience counts overseas performances as well in countries such as Australia, Bahrain and India. His musical prowess extends to his ability to play a diverse range of styles and genres.

“I’ll state the obvious,” frontman Suresh De Silva commented. “We are more than overwhelmed to welcome Gallage to the Stigmata family. We are truly excited to share the stage and the studio with such a legend. We have known and admired him since his Thriloka days, and we are looking forward ecstatically to what he will bring into Stigmata with his level of musical capability.”

“This is a union I think that was bound to happen,” Gallage added. “I have no doubt that our musical chemistry is on point as we have started creating new music as well. I love the drive Stigmata has with writing original music and I am very excited to be part of the band.”

Stigmata is presently gearing up for their second show for 2022 which will take place at the Gloriance Ballroom, Bellanwila, on June 25th. Call/text 0777300607 to reserve your Tickets.

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