Ahmed Faris Maumoon officially commences run for Maldivian Presidency

Ahmed Faris Maumoon officially commences run for Maldivian Presidency

As the sun sets over the picturesque islands of the Maldives, a new dawn is emerging over its political landscape, in the form of the Maldives’ new rising son, Ahmed Faris Maumoon, as he officially commences his run for the Maldivian Presidency.

A new dawn that promises to steer the island nation toward a future marked by economic stability, warm diplomatic relations, and strong democratic values. As he stands on the cusp of this transformative journey, Ahmed Faris Maumoon is a name synonymous with proven commitment, vision, and dedication.

His story is not just that of a statesman, but a tale of perseverance and impactful leadership. Born into a legacy of statesmanship, Faris has carved his path with distinction. His journey from education to politics showcases a relentless pursuit of knowledge, underscoring his commitment to the betterment of the Maldives.

Reflecting on his journey, Faris attributes his unwavering dedication to the values instilled in him by his parents. He fondly recalls his father, Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, and his mother, Madam Nasreena Ibrahim, as his guiding lights, “Their commitment to the betterment of the Maldives has been a constant source of inspiration to me,” he says, discussing their legacy with a profound sense of respect, emphasizing how his parents’ tireless work in shaping the island nation’s trajectory ignited his own passion for serving the Maldivian people.

Having completed his higher studies in England and Australia, Faris returned to his homeland armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Combined Social Sciences and a Master’s Degree in International Relations. This academic foundation would later become the bedrock upon which he would build his political and economic initiatives.

In 2005, Faris embarked on his political career, being among the initial 50 signatories to the formation of the “Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party” (DRP) and playing a pivotal role in establishing multiparty democracy in the Maldives. His leadership acumen was demonstrated when he spearheaded the campaign for the historic 2008 multiparty Presidential Election. The subsequent founding of the Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) in 2011 further showcased his ability to navigate complex political landscapes.

Under his strategic guidance, the PPM achieved a remarkable series of victories within a span of just three years, winning the Presidential Election in 2013, a parliamentary majority in 2014, and the Local Council Elections in 2017. Faris’s achievements within this short time frame testify to his visionary leadership and dedication to rapid progress.

Beyond party leadership, Faris served as the Minister of State for Economic Development from 2013 to 2015, introducing transformative economic policies that catalysed inclusive growth. His initiatives, such as microfinance schemes and the “GetSet Loan” programme aimed at youth empowerment, showcased his commitment to creating an enabling environment for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Notably, Faris’s advocacy extended to the legislative sphere, where his commitment to democratic values shone through. His opposition to amendments with potential negative implications for the freedoms and governance of the Maldivian People demonstrated his unwavering dedication to the preservation of democratic principles. His courage was particularly evident when he challenged amendments targeting the national law on assemblies, a move that led to his unjust detention. During this time, he was recognized as a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International.

Ahmed Faris Maumoon’s vision for the Maldives is not just about a relentless push towards modernity though; it is a delicate blend of embracing progress while preserving tradition. He envisions a Maldives where economic sustainability and diplomatic relations go hand in hand, creating a prosperous nation with a global presence. His belief in transparent governance and inclusive growth echoes through his initiatives that aim to uplift every corner of the Maldives.

In his own words, Faris envisions “a thriving modern society that never loses its connection to its traditional roots, and one ready to embrace the world, and one which the world looks forward to embracing in turn”. This sentiment encapsulates his vision for the Maldives – a nation that moves forward with the world while preserving its unique cultural identity.

As he sets his sights on the Presidency of the Republic of the Maldives, Faris embodies hope, progress, and a dedication to a brighter future. His commitment to economic stability, sustainable development, warm diplomatic relations, and democratic values makes him a candidate whose vision resonates with the aspirations of the Maldivian people.

Moving purposefully toward a prosperous tomorrow, Ahmed Faris Maumoon symbolizes the shared Maldivian hope for change and the courage needed to endure through the challenges, and deliver it. He stands as the Maldives new rising son, ready to steer the nation towards a bright new dawn, while remaining faithful to its rich culture, history and legacy.


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