Australians warned of protests in Sri Lanka

Australians warned of protests in Sri Lanka

Australia has reviewed its travel advice for Sri Lanka and decided to maintain the need to exercise a high degree of caution owing to public demonstrations.

The Australian Government said that it reviewed its advice for Sri Lanka but hasn’t changed the level of advice.

“We’ve reviewed our advice for Sri Lanka. We haven’t changed the level of our advice, exercise a high degree of caution. Public demonstrations can occur throughout Sri Lanka and may become violent. Avoid areas impacted by demonstrations. There are shortages of some imported foods and medicines in Sri Lanka,” the Australian Government said.

The travel advice says demonstrations can lead to disruptions to traffic and public transport, public emergencies can be declared, and curfews imposed at short notice.

It also warns that there is an ongoing risk of terrorist attack in Sri Lanka and that terrorists may target areas popular with foreigners and/or visited by tourists.

“Always carry travel and identification documents. Allow additional time to clear security checks, especially at airports,” the Australian Government said.

The advice also says crime, including sexual assault, harassment and robbery, can occur while scams and fraud are common, including credit card fraud, overcharging and fake goods. (Colombo Gazette)

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